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25 Apr 2018

Down Filling Machine price

Job Description

Feather stuffing machine
Fully automatic feather stuffing machine
Feather stuffing machine is applied to the eiderdown process of the down garment production enterprises, 90, 80, 70, 60 and 50.

The working principle of feather stuffing machine
Use the high pressure gas to draw down the feather, through the automatic weighing device, will set the weight of the feather into the cut.

Advantages of fully automatic feather stuffing machine.
Clean environment, the work environment of the whole pile is improved greatly.
The accuracy can be up to 0.1 g with no contact weighing.
The velvety of the words is two to three times faster than the artificial speed, which improves the production efficiency.
The design of the velvet mouth solves the problem of the filling of the impervious fabric, and the problem of small check.
Touch screen design operation is simple, realize storage, real-time understanding, change data.
One machine has two punch holes, two workers operate, and the basic style can flow smoothly with 4-6 lines.

The technical of TZL-90A automatic feather stuffing machine
Filling mouthOne
Highest accuracy0.01g
Weighing cycleWeighing four times
Down request50-90Down
Weighing range0.2-30g
Back finishing systemYes
Automatic clearanceNo
Cashmere volume3Kg
Outline sizeHost 175cm×62cm×202cm  Weighing box 162cm×63cm×80cm  Console  130cm×63cm×115cm
working voltage220V±5%
Pressure requirementMinimum air supply 0.8m³/min above, Motor 7.5KW above, Only for, Gasholder 0.6m³above, Minimum operating pressure 0.5MPa

Main final productsDown Filling Machine price

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